July 13, 2017


How to buy

For purchases of NETX Smart Router platform please contact our Official Distributors. They can help you find the best products and solutions for your business. If you want to be a reseller of our NETX Smart Router platform, contact us!

NETX Distributors

mcomp logo
M Computers s.r.o.
Brno, Prague, Zlín Czech Republic
tel. +420 515 538 123
email: ondrej.kindl@mcomputers.cz
netsearch logo
netsearch s.r.o.
Prostějov, Czech Republic
tel. +420 605 488 093
email: info@netsearch.cz

NETX Service & Support

The NETX support is provided by our Service & Support partners. You can contact one from the following list. If you want to be a partner, contact us! The NETX traninig is necessary to became a partner.

NetX R&D z.s.
Brno, Czech Republic
email: support@netx.as

NETX Training & courses

NETX training program helps administrators in getting familiar with all NETX features. The training is guided by an experienced trainers from Brno Univeristy of technology where we have partnership programm. See Training for further details.

vut logo
Brno University of technology
Brno, Czech Republic
tel. +420 541 141 321
email: igregr@fit.vutbr.cz