September 17, 2017


NETX has developed a professional training program to assist administrators in getting familiar with all NETX features. The main idea behind the training is to discover all the power that NETX can give you for configuration of networking services and automated configuration management. The NETX OS, system in NETX Smart Routers, is based on opensource GNU/Linux distribution. We borrowed the best from two worlds – CLI from networking world and configuration files and tools from GNU/Linux systems. Thus, if you are skilled sysadmin or network engineer, you will not have problem to grasp the configuration style of NETX OS. However, if you come from one world, maybe you don’t know the rich set of features available in the other world. Maybe you are familiar with the Cisco/Juniper/Mikrotik CLI, but you don’t know how powerfull can be GNU tools for working with config files. Skilled sysadmin may be missing out some great features provides by networking CLI.

The training can assist you in getting familiar with NETX features. It can be modified based on the specific needs in your enviroment. The training is guided by an experienced trainers from Brno Univeristy of technology where we have partnership programm.

During the training you will learn and get familiar with:

  • netc, a custom and higly flexible command line tool that abstract the admin from the GNU/Linux OS allowing to configure the whole system in the same way as network devices. Philosophy of netc operation is based on Cisco/Juniper or Mikrotik configuration styles.
  • NETX API that can be used for remote network management and for connection with your IPAM system.
  • Advanced configuration options for routing procols such as OSPF, OSPFv3, BGP.
  • Connecting NETX router using FlowSpec with your or open-source anti-DDoS detection mechanisms.
  • CGN configuration, management and logging
  • IPv6 configuration, address assignment, DHCPv6 Prefix delegation
  • traffd – QoS management and shaping in NETX OS designed for automated deployment of custom QoS profiles for new customers
  • cluster – NETX OS high availability solution

The training is held in networking laboratory at Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology. It is possible to arrange custom training based on your needs.