NETX open-source routing and security platform



High-performance and open-source routing platform allows NETX to forward tens of gigabits per second with several full BGP feeds and active shaping policies per customer at the same time.


NETX offers comprehensive BGP support with policy based routing, route filtering, extendend communities and Flowspec support. OSPF, RIP and VRF are supported as well.


Rich set of QoS mechanisms (FIFO, HTB, WFQ, WRED, etc.) can be managed via API for easy integration with your information system. NETX supports several thousand QoS policies per interface.


Powerful RESTful API can be used for easy management, configuration and integration with your NetOPS automatization processes. HTTP and industry standard CLI frontends are available.

NETX routers are available for networks of different types and sizes. Choose your hardware platform based on your applications and needs.

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