High-performance routing platform

NETX routers are available for networks of different types and sizes. Choose your hardware platform based on your applications and needs.
The following tables describe and compare different NETX routers. Several boxes are available with various range of ports and performance speed.
Every NETX router is equipped with NetX OS, opensource network operating system, designed with focus on high-speed routing, shaping and easy configuration management with integrated netc shell.


NETX X13 Series

Brand new X13 series offers 1U router with scalable routing and QoS performance, with all advanced features for BGP, CGN and security. X13 series contains two integrated 10G BASE-T interfaces and can be extended with two additional cards, up to 4x100G.
Router model
X13 series
Routing/shaping performance Suitable for ISP size Routing table size for each protocol family (IPv4, IPv6)
10 Gbps
5 000 users
3 mil.
30 Gbps
10 000 users
5 mil.
50 Gbps
15 000 users
5 mil.
70 Gbps
> 20 000 users
5 mil.
Physical characteristics
Dimension 1U - 43.68 x 22.9 x 4,3 cm
Weight 13 kg
and enclosure
EIA-standard 19-inch rack
Frequency and voltage 2x 230V / 50Hz, hot-swap
Power supplies / efficiency 2x 400W / 94%
Avg. power consumption 100W
Network interfaces 2x 10G Base-T
Expansion slots 2x (up to 4x 10/25/40/50/100G Ports)
Dedicated management yes
QoS supported algorithms
HTB (Hierarchy Token Bucket),
HSFC (Hierarchical Fair Service Curve),
Performance 100 000 queues per interface
Operating temperature 5° - 35°
Operating humidity 10% - 90% noncondensing


Each platform can be extended using different cards in order to satisfy individual, platform-specific requirements.
router accessories
Expansion slot card
Ports info Recommended for
NXB10 2x 10/25G SFP+ X1310, X1330
NXB40 2x 40G QSPF+ X1330, X1350
NXB100 2x 100G QSPF28 X1330, X1350, X1370
Hardware accelerated card for advanced DDoS mitigation. DDoS mitigation up to 200Gbps.
2x 100G QSPF28 X1350, X1370
Energy consumption
DDoS mitigation capacity up to
Netx as a service

Netx as a service

We can offer NetX routers through a flexible as-a-service model, which simplifies the management of device lifecycle.

Within the as-a-service model, the NetX router is placed directly in your network, allowing you to take advantage of all its benefits and features without a long-term commitment and significant financial investment. Additionally, device management and monitoring are handled by the NetX service center in a 24/7 mode.

Support levels

Support levels

NETX products come with two levels of extended warranty and support. Basic support takes care about hardware failures and provides necessary software updates. Extended support also includes a remote device monitoring service and automatic configuration backup.
Basic support
Support for
Extended support
Extension of the warranty period
replacement of defective equipment in accordance with applicable legislation, but usually within 3 working days.
Replacement of defective equipment within the next business day (NBD)
Ano Ano
Replacement of equipment on site by our technician
Permanent device monitoring from the NetX monitoring centre
Ano Ano
Periodic backup of device configurations
Ano Ano
Restore the device according to the last saved configuration
Ano Ano
24/7/365 hotline with a qualified technician
Ano Ano
Mail consultation regarding setup, configuration, problem identification - 2h months
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Configuration check by our specialists, possible recommendation of changes
Ano Ano
Access to NetX OS updates
Ano Ano Ano
Access to development and beta versions of NetX OS
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Access to third-party GPL source code
Ano Ano Ano
Access to NetX Networks source code
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Further information
The level of support provided can be further extended according to individual customer needs, or supplemented by the Infrastructure care service.


Opensource network operating system