Thanks to our long-standing presence at the technical university and participation in professional conferences, we can confidently say that we truly understand network technologies.
The aim of the training is to discover all the possibilities offered by the NetX platform. NetX OS, the system in NETX smart routers, is based on an open source GNU/Linux distribution. We have borrowed the best of both worlds - CLI from the networking world and configuration files and tools from GNU/Linux systems.
An experienced sysadmin or network specialist typically has no problem understanding the NETX OS configuration style. However, if you come from the networking world, you may not be familiar with the rich feature set available in the other world. You may be familiar with the Cisco CLI, but you don't know how powerful GNU tools can be for working with configuration files and vice versa.
Training can help you get familiar with NETX features. It can be customized based on the specific needs of your environment. The training is conducted by experienced trainers from the Technical College, with which NetX has a partnership program.


At NetX, we operate our own 365/24/7 infrastructure monitoring center. We can help you to manage, backup and monitor your central network devices.

As part of our infrastructure care service, we can monitor your backbone network from our monitoring center. As part of this service, we can monitor individual devices, performance parameters and other network statistics. We can set-up configuration backups for easy recovery as well.

Thanks to infrastructure monitoring, we can alert you to overloaded network connections, BGP link failure or non-standard latency of monitored addresses.


The NetX platform is based on an open system and can be adapted for non-standard solutions. Whether it is a connection to your own CRM system or, for example, the export of user statistics to a specific database.
Thanks to the openness of the system, the NetX platform can be tailored to a specific network needs and solve tasks that would require complexity or a heavy administrative burden.
By customizing the NetX router, you can achieve time savings in network configuration, management and monitoring. You can focus more on growing your network.


Opensource network operating system